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Learn applied Behavioural Science

6 Modules
3 Hours
12 Exercises

What is BEHAVES?

BEHAVES was designed with organisational people challenges in mind. So, whether you work in HR, finance, marketing or IT, we believe it will benefit every job role – but will be especially useful for leaders and change managers.

What does BEHAVES include?

When you join BEHAVES, you will get access to:

  • The seven effective levers that power all human actions
  • Fourteen of the most powerful insights that you can apply
  • The seven-step BEHAVES framework to help you break down any task – no matter how complex
  • Our BEHAVES handbook, with a deep dive into the scientific studies that inform the course
  • A CPD-accredited certificate of completion

Behavioural Science for leaders

You could use these skills to:

  • Help to solve hybrid and asynchronous working challenges
  • Improve accountability behaviours
  • Help people work though organisational change more effectively
  • Improve onsite safety behaviours
  • Improve your marketing campaigns’ engagement scores
  • And much, much more!

I've gone through the Behaves Academy and I have to say, I'm really impressed. It's clear, precise and a brilliant tool. You've taken something academic and actually applied it. It really is great to have all that juicy psychology in one place.


I think this E-learning course is great and I see many possibilities for my team. It is really impressive and I am really enjoying it.

Eric,L&D Specialist

The examples were great, especially the examples of each category - feelings, incentives, messages, etc. It is very thought-provoking and practical, and it became more so as I progressed through the modules. It is simple, well-organised and makes the science very accessible.

Ralph,L&D Specialist

The behavioural insights categories are well represented, and the interactivity is useful.

Debbie,Behavioural Scientist

I have completed a couple of the Behaves modules and I think they are very good and I could see them being genuinely useful. The content, graphics and voiceover are excellent. I also like the question section at the end of each section.

Jim,Managing Director

The first two modules are fantastic - keen to see more about applying the concepts later on. Love how interactive it is.

Ian,Tech Leader

Why choose BEHAVES?

It's practical and quick.

BEHAVES condenses 2 years’ worth of learning material into 6 modules that take just 3 hours. Although it is backed by a wealth of academic studies, BEHAVES isn't just theory – it's a practical guide to navigating the intricacies of human behaviour.

It's scalable and sharable.

There’s no point having a few lonely people on your team with all the knowledge. Share it with everyone! Large organisations and small businesses alike can benefit from rolling BEHAVES out to everyone on the team and sharing a common behavioural vocabulary.

It's relevant, and CPD-accredited.

BEHAVES equips you with the psychological knowledge to communicate more effectively and excel in any role. It’s a toolkit for success in every aspect of professional life. It’s also CPD-accredited, so will officially contribute to your ongoing professional development.

It's scientific - and fun!

We practice what we preach, so we used Behavioural Science to design BEHAVES. It’s full of new characters, fascinating insights and interactive games, as well as an opportunity to test out your new knowledge in an engaging hypothetical scenario.


Choose the right option for you


  • Multiple annual  user licences
  • CPD- accredited certificates for your whole team
  • Access to the handbook
  • Access to future insights modules when we release them
Optional extras:
  • Access the material via your own LMS
  • Customised brand / industry examples
  • Access to live workshop and events


  • An individual annual user licence
  • A CPD- accredited certificate
  • Access to the handbook
  • Access to future insights modules when we release them


  • A 42-page downloadable PDF
  • The BEHAVES Framework, and how to follow it
  • The Insights Toolkit
  • A list of academic studies
  • A list of further recommended reading